Females in Magazines

Magazines might be one of the most prevalent places where women are portrayed as sexualized objects that only emphasize body image. Some argue that these types of images appear in magazines that are mostly meant for men. But by looking at the demographics such as those provided by the State of the Media the majority of magazine owners/buyers are mostly female. If you go to any super market you can recognize that even the magazines that are aimed specifically for women endorse this type of sexual imagery. Even when its a women in an apron in a cooking magazine, somehow she looks very attractive, and fit the standards of the “correct” body type. Most magazines encourage this type of body image that is sexualized by mainly using images as such to post on their front page.  It has even been said that these type of depiction of females is bad for their mental health. In Verily’s article she talks about how this sexual representation of females creates unrealistic standards that may lead women to depression,, low self esteem, and even eating disorders. There are physically and emotionally dangerous side effects to these portray of women. We are slightly improving such as with Dove’s different campaigns as they are promoting self-acceptance of once body just as it is. They are breaking through the cookie cutter mold and letting every women appreciate their own.


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