Women in the news

A big part of media is the news and entertainment coverage we get on TV. Unfortunately statistics and demographics haven’t change much if even at all in this category. Most of the newscast host members are usually male. Even when they are accompanied by a female reporter the male usually take the lead when speaking and cover the hard news as mentioned in Time’s article.Not only so but the female newscasters are usually represented in some provocative and sexualized attire. While the men in the other hand are presented very professional in suits that make them seem more reliable. Some people  watch the news cast at times not for the actual news, but just for the newscaster herself, and this is only because of the way they are portrayed and because of the way the media in general portrays women. Now that I’m mentioning it is when you really begin to think about it and notice it. This issue is even more prevalent when it comes to sports news. Most of the coverage we get from the media consist of these news and entertainment platforms, yet what we are being demonstrated is the male dominance in the industry as talked about in Women’s Media Center articles . We are having male newscasters give us our news and media coverage. This goes back to a similar issue that we have with the filming industry. It is an industry dominated by men , which means the producers decadents who to cast are male. Which unfortunately put their female counterparts at a disadvantage. Progress is slightly being made but we sure have a long way to go, especially in this field.


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