Female Gaming

Video games are something that have been evolving for quite some time. I’ve been playing and seeing video games since I can remember. They have gotten more complex, more modern, much nicer graphics, much better game play, but one thing that hasn’t changed very much is the way that the females are represented in games. Women are mostly represented in sexual attire and like eye candy. Even in games where female characters have a lead role, they are still sexualized in some way. For example the game Need for Speed is a car racing game, but women do show up here and there, even though they play no essential role in the game. Usually when they do appear they are wearing very sexy attire and all fit a specific body image. Take for example the game Tomb Raider, the main character is a female, and is presented in a tight tank top that shows plenty of cleavage, and tight pants. In some ways the game shows progression as there is a main female character role shown in a strong and powerful position, but at the same time is sexualized by the way in which she is dressed, and even the fighting positions she is put in at times as mentioned in Huff Post article. It is great that we are showing progress to some extent, rather than none, but one of the main things that need to start changing is this cookie cutter body image presented to the audience, this only promotes the idea of women being sexualized.

When it comes to games and gaming another main concept that plays a huge role is female gamers. As referring back to my post about females on youtube, female gamers on you-tubers aren’t taken very seriously. They are constantly being insulted and their work is being diminished because they are females, doing something that is male dominated. This lack of female representation in games and gaming is whats leading for males to believe that women have no place in doing game reviews. This is all influenced by the fact that the video game industry is mainly male dominated as well. Women are not being represented correctly because the developers creating the games are mostly men as explained in The Boston Globe article.  We need to expand this industry and welcome/encourage more women to take a part in the development of these games, and encourage those female gamers to keep gaming because change will come.


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