Females in Youtube

Youtube, most of us are familiar about this platform by now. We either use it to search up cooking videos, music videos, learn how to make something, or simply just entertainment. But have you ever though about how female are represented on youtube? Well let me give you a sneak peek into what this may consist of . Youtube is somewhat equally divided, more it consist of a larger male audience. women seem mainly use it for makeup and skin care videos while, men mainly use it for gaming and technology as shown in Digiday demographics chart. Even when the amount of users is mostly equally dived, when we see a female trying to shift away from what is ,in a way “expected” of her, the male counterpart begins to retaliate. Females begin to see sexualized, or referring to gender stereotype comments such  as,“Get off your period and shave your armpits. And cook me dinner dammit”, or “Are you a cup of tea? Because you’re hot.” All of these comments commentate on the specific gender stereotypes that women belong in the kitchen, that they act a certain way when they are on their period, and sexualizing their body image. This in itself adds to the fact that most women prefer doing beauty videos and leans more towards it because they know that the majority of viewers will be female and they will not receive this type of hate and abuse online. Another fact that influences this divide between genders on youtube is that youtube itself is pushing on this type of behavior by mostly inviting beauty bloggers to their Vidcon. In general the they is a larger number of male speakers over female who are invited to the event as stated by The Daily Dot’s article. Then on top of that they mainly choose female bloggers who revolve around this stereotype of beauty bloggers. This encourages the audiences view as to believing that only blogging about beauty if what females are best at. More females are fighting against this cookie cutter view by breaking the divide between males and females in Youtube, and blogging about technology and video games, while trying to put aside all the hateful comments. So when you see a female on youtube blogging about something untraditionally a female would blog about, show her your support and give her a thumbs up.


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