Yes! Here we begin to talk about (drumroll please) social media. Female representation in social media is a bit different from how they’re represented in film. Social media is a bit less public in the sense that it’s not like a movie that is being announced and everyone goes to watch it. Social media images and comments stay in its platform, so if someone doesn’t have an account or access to the platform then they are not able to view it. For example Instagram. For those who are not familiar with Instagram, it consist of a stream of images and videos posted by different people, who are either public or you have as friends. They put comments on what the image might consist of, and others may comment as well. This platform mainly consist of female users as shown by Omnicore’s and Media Kix’s demographics. While navigating Instagram I noticed a pattern. Most females on Instagram fit a certain body image, and mostly post very sensual images. I am basing this mostly off the public Instagram accounts who have lots of followers. Females mainly post pictures about their body image. Most videos posted by females also consist in the use of makeup, face or hair products. It also consist in products that help enhance the body image in some type of way. Of course not all females on Instagram fit this description but a vast majority does. What may play a role in this is the fact that marketing plays a big role on Instagram. Since there is a greater amount of female using Instagram then marketers are taking advantage and promoting their product and while doing so they are promoting this specific type of female representation. I will not deny the fact that there is sight of change with different women of different body types challenging this idea of the perfect Insta-babe.


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