Lets learn from Disney

Oh Disney, don’t we all love Disney films. Yes! They are powerful and emotional, especially considering that they are children’s movies, but there’s no shame in admitting that all of the adults, even those without children, have watched it as well. From the beginning of time female characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, […]

Females in Magazines

Magazines might be one of the most prevalent places where women are portrayed as sexualized objects that only emphasize body image. Some argue that these types of images appear in magazines that are mostly meant for men. But by looking at the demographics such as those provided by the State of the Media the majority of […]

Women in the news

A big part of media is the news and entertainment coverage we get on TV. Unfortunately statistics and demographics haven’t change much if even at all in this category. Most of the newscast host members are usually male. Even when they are accompanied by a female reporter the male usually take the lead when speaking […]

Female Gaming

Video games are something that have been evolving for quite some time. I’ve been playing and seeing video games since I can remember. They have gotten more complex, more modern, much nicer graphics, much better game play, but one thing that hasn’t changed very much is the way that the females are represented in games. […]

Females in Youtube

Youtube, most of us are familiar about this platform by now. We either use it to search up cooking videos, music videos, learn how to make something, or simply just entertainment. But have you ever though about how female are represented on youtube? Well let me give you a sneak peek into what this may […]


Yes! Here we begin to talk about (drumroll please) social media. Female representation in social media is a bit different from how they’re represented in film. Social media is a bit less public in the sense that it’s not like a movie that is being announced and everyone goes to watch it. Social media images […]

Women in Film

Most of us have been watching films since we were born, either it be tv shows or movies. One things that definitely hasn’t developed much since I’ve been watching films is how female characters are represented in them. Most female roles consist of them being sexualized in some way, or represented as being burnable and […]